Programme of Guarantees
Many Options

We propose the following system of guaranteeing the Project, so that everyone providing financing will feel quite safe about repayment.

1. Guarantee by the Government

The government can promote the project by guaranteeing the payments of local loans for the construction of farmers’ villages and the necessary infrastructure.

Government guarantees will be backed by the Management of the project. The basis of this guarantee will be the income from the exports generated by the farmers, starting after about three years of the project.

2. Guarantee by Maharishi University of Management

Over and above this kind of guarantee, the General Managing Director of this project–Maharishi University of Management, Holland–will pledge through the Maharishi Global Development Fund, a token sum of US$ 100 million, as a guarantee to all the governments of the forty countries. (Refer to Appendix 3 for ‘Financial Statements of the Maharishi Global Development Fund and Subsidiaries’.)

This guarantee will remain on paper for the psychological satisfaction of all the people involved, but actually the income from the exports will always be more than enough to offset any risk involved with the word ‘guarantee’.

3. Guarantee by the Insurance Companies

We will try to involve insurance companies within the countries concerned, or even companies from abroad, to also support the guarantees mentioned above.

4. Guarantee by the Profit of the Project

With all these possibilities of different kinds of guarantees for the financial supporters of the project, it must be emphasized that the project is completely viable, because it is a project dedicated to growing healthy food for which there is an increasing demand in the world. (Refer to a sample of world press reports in Appendix 4.)

This means there is no financial risk for those who will finance the project. Any additional suggestions from any country to improve this area of planning will be greatly appreciated.

5. Guarantee by the Farmers

The farmers who occupy the houses in the farmer’s villages will also guarantee to work for the project, and will pay a monthly rent for their housing as soon as they start farming. The Poverty Removal Programme will offer them a much higher salary than they are earning now.

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