Financial Feasibility
Two or Three Year Grace Period

Our programme to eliminate poverty begins when farmers start to live in comfortable homes.

First we will build farmer villages and double the minimum wages of the farmers and other workers, so that right from the start of the project they begin to live in comfortable homes with all the comfort of modern amenities.

This will require that we, the organizers of the programme–that means, the government, the local banks, the foreign banks, and the local producers of housing amenities, and foreign producers of these amenities–will provide comfortable living during the first phase of the project to eliminate poverty in the world.

We have evolved a policy for financing the project whereby there will be no income for about three years; there will only be expenses for constructing the farmer's villages, clearing the agricultural land, and beginning its cultivation. This preparatory period of three years is a normal period for any big project.

We will be using all possible ways for financing the project that may be prevalent in the country. Consultants from the country will be invited to use all systems of raising funds for the project.

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