Financing by Companies
who Participate in the Programme

Expert international companies will be engaged in supplying machinery and equipment. The good news is that many of these companies are welcoming this proposal to receive payment for their participation from the foreign currency earned from the export of organic products in two, three, or four years, as the case may be, depending on which fruit trees and what crops we plant, which will be based on the quality of the land and the choice of the investors.

The Poverty Removal Programme is so beautifully designed that everyone who participates will obtain increasing profit year after year. Only that, in the beginning, the project needs financial support to get started and provide all the advantages of a large-scale, long-lasting business opportunity to its participants. Therefore, the procedure is being adopted to collect the start-up capital from all those who are going to participate and enjoy the financial benefit in this permanent project. The start-up capital can be provided by participating companies in the form of machinery, equipment, services, cash, or all of these. Those who are in a position to provide more of these elements at the start, will naturally be favored for a permanent large-scale profit in the Poverty Removal Programme.

Glorifying the Nation
with the Profits from the Project

Our programme to eliminate poverty should also start to improve every area of national life. This will be financed by 25% of the profit of the project, year after year, starting after the third year.

Every aspect of poverty in the country will start to be eliminated in the following way:

Construction of the most modern administrative buildings equipped with the latest electronic and computer technology equipment for ideal administration, so that fast communication and complete up-to-date information is available whenever desired, with the touch of a button, to the Head of State and his ministers, governors, and local officers. (Refer to Appendix 1– ‘An Invitation to the Heads of State of forty Countries to Rise to a New Level of Automation in Administration’.)

These national, provincial, and local administrative buildings will be built of marble or the finest materials available in the country, so that the grand dignity of the government buildings will be a joy for all times for the whole population, and will express the dignity and sovereignty of the nation.

Enhancing the dignity of all educational buildings–universities, colleges, and schools–which will be purposefully enjoyed by every generation, and which will be built in the midst of beautiful gardens, fountains, lakes, and playgrounds.

In every city there will be beautiful festival halls, exhibition halls, exhibition grounds, museums, sport stadiums, and all buildings and monuments that purposefully display the dignity of national life and glorify the culture of the country. These buildings will celebrate the memory of the great leaders of the nation. The whole country will be a country of gardens that displays the affluence and dignity of national life. (Refer to Appendix 2–‘Principles and Programmes from Maharishi Sthåpatya Veda to Create Ideal Homes and Cities’.)

In addition to the glorification of administrative and educational buildings in the country, it will be possible to increase the salary of government officers. All such programmes come within the range of our programme to eliminate poverty.

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