Knowledge of Electronics and Computers
in Organic Agriculture University

The growing knowledge of Natural Law is promoting fast global communication which is immensely helpful for promoting progress, so when we are promoting total brain functioning through organic Åagriculture it is very desirable that the theory and technology of global communication should be made familiar to every farmer, so when he develops seed from seed he realizes the growth of fullness; he appreciates the Vedic theme of natural evolution from fullness to fullness (Purnam adah Purnam idam purnat purnam uda chyate). Natural evolution is an expression of fullness on the move, WHOLENESS on the move, total Natural Law on the move.

of the Poverty Removal Programme

In case any government feels that they cannot participate in this programme due to lack of financing, we will say: Your Excellency, you have land, you are not using it; give it to us to manage; we are confident we can manage it and eliminate poverty; everything is possible with the knowledge of Natural Law–the will of God.


* Refer to Appendix 25, ‘Participation in Organic Agriculture Fairs Around the World–Sample publications used at organic fairs to make the market familiar with our Poverty Removal Programme’.

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