Organic Agriculture University
for Healthy Food and Enlightenment

To fulfil this requirement we will establish an Organic Agriculture University in order to introduce the knowledge of Natural Law that has been scientifically researched in many universities and research institutions in different parts of the world, and will also introduce the knowledge of the nutritious and life-giving value of naturally grown foods. (For scientific research refer to Appendix 7 ‘Review of Scientific Research on the Importance of Growing Food Organically’.)

The whole process of the plant sprouting from the seed and growing into leaves, flowers, and fruits, has been found to gain nourishment from soothing music and melodies; from enhanced seasonal influences of Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, and from increased qualities of harmony and pleasantness in the environment. This is now quite well established through worldwide scientific research.

To produce this effect we will have the Vedic Experts from India whose traditional melodies and Vedic Recitations are most effective. We are also planning to use local ancient traditional melodies and sounds used in the harvest festivals and other ceremonies at specific stages of the agricultural cycle. These are a feature in almost every local culture throughout the world, and are expected to inspire the nourishing influence of Natural Law for the rapid growth of the plants, and for increasing their nutrient value. (Refer to Appendix 14, ‘Scientific Research–Levels of Metabolism–Stimulating Levels of Cosmic Intelligence in the Human Physiology’, which elaborates the Vedic Knowledge of how ideally grown food and all other environmental values can be ideally metabolized to develop the Cosmic potential of individual life.)

On the whole, the knowledge of Natural Law, presented in the context of agriculture, horticulture, and floriculture to the farmers and their younger generations, will be facilitated by the establishment of a proper university, which will offer complete education to promote life according to Natural Law and will improve the quality of life in the country. (Refer to Appendix 21 for the latest discovery of the Unified Field in Physics and its application to the growth of harmony in the individual life, in the environment, and in the nation as a whole.)

This University will attend to the most fundamental value of Nature’s intelligence, which from its self-referral quantum field offers a nourishing influence to every aspect of the evolving physiology of the plant. (Refer to Appendix 14–‘Scientific Research–Levels of Metabolism–Stimulating Levels of Cosmic Intelligence in the Human Physiology’.)

In the Vedic theme of agriculture, the knowledge of growth from seed to seed is called ‘Brahma Vidya’–‘knowledge of Totality of Natural Law’–the knowledge of rising to enlightenment; so our Organic Agriculture University will be the university for enlightenment. (Refer to Appendix 22–‘Summary of Scientific Research on Consciousness-Based Education’. Consciousness-Based Education is spreading fast in the USA and in other countries).

The knowledge of agriculture will be explained in terms of rising to enlightenment. Total knowledge for enlightenment is the goal of higher education. (Refer to the description of education based on total knowledge given in Appendices 16 to 19, listed in the footnote on the previous page. Refer also to Appendix 20–‘Sample Six-Month Course Curriculum of Maharishi Organic Agriculture University’.)

Everyone must have this knowledge regardless of his profession or age, because to rise to perfection must be the right of everyone. (Refer to Appendix 19, ‘Developing a Perfect Man’. Also refer to Appendix 23, ‘Maharishi Organic Agriculture University Includes the Satellite Broadcast Courses of Maharishi Open University: Programmes to give Total Knowledge for a Perfect Life–Life in Harmony with Natural Law’.) Maharishi Organic Agriculture University will give every student that physiology, that mental brilliance, that intellectual sharpness which will give him the status of an evolved individual, so that he will never be poor in any aspect of his private or professional life, living in enlightenment. (Refer to Appendix 24, ‘Total Knowledge Requirements for the Full Development of the Individual’.)

* For additional details of scientific research demonstrating improvement in all areas of national life through the practical procedures for developing support of Natural Law, refer to Appendix 10, ‘Bringing Perfection to Individual Life and Society through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme: Scientific Research Findings Documenting the Growth of Perfection in Physiology, Education, Health, Business, Government, Defence, Rehabilitation’; also refer to Appendix 11, ‘Fulfilment in Agriculture: Summary of Scientific Research’. For scientific principles and research findings demonstrating the mechanics of developing world peace and national invincibility, refer to Appendix 12, ‘Scientific Principles to Create Invincibility for Every Nation and Lasting World Peace’, and refer to Appendix 13, ‘Invincible Defence: Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Defence’.

 For a thorough explanation of how education based on knowledge of the Unified Field raises the life of the citizens to be spontaneously in harmony with Natural Law, so that the government enjoys ‘Automation in Administration’, please refer to Appendix 15, ‘Perfect Administration through Complete Education’. Such an ideal education will automatically eliminate the need for governments to use fear of punishment to maintain law and order in the nation; such fear inhibits the natural development and creativity of the citizens. This holistic approach to education is further elaborated in the following appendices: Appendix 16, ‘The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field in Education: Principles, Practice, and Research’; Appendix 17, ‘Teaching Modern Science with Reference to the Unified Field, the Holistic Basis of Natural Law, Which Is Identical to the Field of Consciousness–the Field of the Veda’; Appendix 18, ‘Charts Used in Maharishi’s Unified Field Based System of Education: Unified Field Charts and Richo Akshare Charts in 18 Disciplines of Science, Arts, and Commerce’; Appendix 19, ‘Developing a Perfect Man’; and Appendix 20, ‘Sample Six-Month Course Curriculum of Maharishi Organic Agriculture University’.

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