Second Stage
of Poverty Removal Programme

Having raised the per capita income of the poor to US$ 2000, we will further continue to develop programmes to utilize the remaining unused lands in these forty countries and further promote the prosperity of all developing countries.

Support of Natural Law
for Fulfilling Success to All

As organic farming is natural farming, every aspect of management will be organized to be spontaneously supported by the total evolutionary, nourishing power of Natural Law, the system of organization of almighty Nature–the will of God–that is practically available to everyone in his life through the culture of every land, and is systematically organizing the evolution of everything in creation.

It is not a matter of faith, or belief; we are talking on the level of science and technology–a practical reality. It is a scientifically proven reality of this scientific age that every man can develop his inner potential–the total potential of his brain physiology and be the ‘Master of all he surveys’. (Refer to Appendix 8–‘Scientific Research on the Full Development of the Brain Physiology’.)

The evolutionary influence of Natural Law–the will of God–is the guiding light of the success of our approach to organic farming, and for the elimination of poverty in the world. Therefore knowledge and training to harness the organizing power of Natural Law is our main approach, and this will save us from the hazards of the already widespread harmful poisonous influence of chemical farming.

As natural farming is promoted, the influence of the evolutionary power of Natural Law will spontaneously produce a purifying influence in the whole ecology.

This will result in the reduction of all kinds of negative influences–air, water, and soil pollution–which all naturally affect health. (Refer to Appendix 9, ‘Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health’.) A purifying influence will grow in world consciousness. The Poverty Removal Programme will give rise to a new order of world peace, prosperity and harmony. Every country will enjoy real freedom in invincibility.

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