United We Stand
Divided We Fall

While designing the principles and programmes for eradicating poverty in the world, we have to protect ourselves from the anti-life forces that have been at the basis of poverty for centuries in the past; and this element that has supported poverty has been basically the unmindfulness of the poor population towards their own interest–the poor worked hard for the wealthy–the farmer worked hard and produced the product, but the wealthy in the market dictated the price. The farmer remained poor, and continued to work hard. The buyer controlled the prices in the market, and the producer, the hard-working farmer, was paid least–poverty continued. Therefore the Poverty Removal principles and programmes are now alert to protect the interest of the hard-working farmers.

When we look to the market, we find that the buyers are not poor; it is the producers, the farmers, that continue to be poor, generation after generation. Our programme to eliminate poverty will not allow the buyer to squeeze the life of the farmer.

All the forty countries that are participating in this Poverty Removal Programme will together announce the price of their produce to the buyers, in the same way as the manufacturer of a Mercedes car fixes his price, and the buyer has to pay that price if he wants a better product. The price of all the agricultural products that are produced in all these forty countries will be globally set in the market, so that the farmers get a fair price–their hard working profession will be amply rewarded.

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