Administrative Council
with the Participation of All Countries

It is recommended that His Excellency the President of each of these forty countries appoints one Director to be the government liaison for the Poverty Removal Programme in his country. All these forty Directors, one from each of the forty countries, will together constitute the Administrative Council of the worldwide Poverty Removal Programme.

This Administrative Council will work together with the Executive Council of the Poverty Removal Programme set up to administer all aspects of the project by the Maharishi University of Management.

One Administrative Center
with forty Branches

Taking advantage of the most modern systems of communication through electronics, such as e-mail, video conferencing, etc., one international computerized administrative office for the Poverty Removal Programme will be created to establish the activity and guide the steps of progress in all the forty countries where our programme to eliminate poverty is underway.

There will also be an administrative centre of the project in the centre of each of the forty countries. (Refer to Appendix 2–‘Principles and Programmes from Maharishi Sthapatya Veda to Create Ideal Homes and Cities’.)

Accounting systems and audits will be centrally established on a regular daily and monthly basis so that the financing organizations are fully satisfied. Reliance on the Poverty Removal Programme must prove to be very rich and efficient; it should be far from being poor in principle and in practice.

The global Poverty Removal Programme is so pious that those participating will naturally be more pure than those engaged in any other organization. In spite of this, the accounting and auditing through computerized systems will keep the operations free from error, and far away from human temptations.

Time Value
Whatever can be Done Tomorrow should be Done Today

Based on the sympathy and support of the government and the most successful people in each of these forty countries, Maharishi University of Management in Holland holds that time value should be given first priority in our planning: whatever can be done tomorrow should be done today. This is the most important aspect of planning and programming, for the simple reason that every day and night poverty is cruel to life in every country, and whatever has to be done should be done as soon as possible.

Therefore we have confidence that our plans and programmes will be warmly received by the government and by the wealthiest, wisest, and most talented well-wishers of life in the country, who will come forward to offer their services and experience in all aspects of the project, enjoying participation in this most pious project which has historic importance for the whole future of the world.

Two thousand years of suffering have been enough for mankind; now is the time for the dawn of the bright future of mankind.

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