Faith-Based World Order
Rising in World Economy

With the growing success of this programme a new order will emerge in the world economy based on definite high gains, and based on faith, which is relaxing and fulfilling. This is in contrast to permanent heart palpitations arising from the complicated legal procedures and the uncertainty of earning money in today’s financial markets, which are opposed to faith and are based on constant struggle, insecurity, mistrust, and fear of loss. Fear-based economy has to be replaced by struggle-free, fulfilment-based economy.

The Poverty Removal Programme will invite one of the leading banks of the world to come into this field of large scale export-oriented organic agriculture and provide a credit line backed by the Maharishi Global Development Fund for initial expenses in 33 countries. (Refer to Appendix 3 for ‘Financial Statements of the Maharishi Global Development Fund and Subsidiaries’ showing over half a billion dollars in net assets).

Organizational Policy
Fulfilling to Every Country

Our organizational policy is to make maximum use of local talent in every field of activity, i.e., local labour, local supervision, local management, and all possible local participation in the project. Our policy will be to have the full support of the government.

We will create a local organization so that all activity is undertaken in accordance with the national laws of the country. Our action principles will be programmed and monitored by the most competent people in the country–those who have the confidence of their government, and have demonstrated success in their own business. Foreign consultants and experts will only be engaged in areas where local talent needs reinforcement.

Maharishi University of Management, Holland, will be the General Managing Director of all the activities of the project, coordinating the whole programme in forty countries, and will lay out the principles and programmes for all these countries.

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