Fulfilling the Need of the Wealthy
through the Poverty Removal Programme

We wish to express that our programme to eliminate poverty also brings fulfilment to the need of the wealthy. The need of the wealthy is for better health, a more creative mind, and compassionate behaviour. The Poverty Removal Programme will provide them with healthy food, which combined with proper metabolism, will give them greater creativity and make their behaviour more evolutionary according to Natural Law. This will spontaneously unfold the Cosmic Potential of their individual life.

This organic agriculture project will provide the wealthy with nectar, because at present they are eating poisonous food. Therefore, this project is as necessary for the wealthy as it is for the poor.

By participating in this programme, the wealthy, who are really the creative people in the world, will finance their own well-being; they will have ideal healthy food to support their continued well-being and progress. (Refer to Appendices 7 and 8 for scientific research.)

This project will prove to be a grand charity for the poor
and a grand business for the wealthy.

The poor will lose their poverty; the wealthy will gain wealth.

The poor will lose; the wealthy will gain.

A Unique Bond
to Double the Investment Every Four Years

A special Bond is being planned which will appeal to all sources of private money in the country including individuals, and all kinds of organizations like pension funds, investment funds, farmers’ associations, chambers of commerce and industry, endowments, and charitable organizations.

The purpose is to give an opportunity to everyone with a heart for the suffering of the poor. For this we are creating a special instrument that will double the investment in four years, for all those who believe in this Poverty Removal Programme and wish to support the cause. Every four years the Bond can be redeemed or reinvested.

A Poverty Removal Bond, yielding 20% interest, purchased in the name of a newly born child, for example, will be multiplied sixty-four times by the time he is twenty-four years old and has finished his education and is ready to begin his professional life. He will enjoy the gift from his parents before he starts to earn from his own profession.

This is the reward for participating in the Poverty Removal Programme: the next generation is assured of an affluent start to life, and continuing good health through organic products.

Whenever the bond is redeemed, after 4, 8, 12, or any number of years, 20% interest will continue to be paid for two years as a bonus to the former bond holders in appreciation of their participation in the Poverty Removal Programme. Those wealthy investors who would like to donate their bond to the Poverty Removal Programme will be gratefully welcomed.

The middle income group is also welcome to gain from this bond by investing some part of their monthly or quarterly savings in the programme. Drop by drop the ocean will be filled. We will have an affluent world with everyone’s participation. News of the Poverty Removal Programme will be circulated quarterly.

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