Organic Agriculture
Healthy Food, Healthy Nation, Freedom, Independence

Some countries have learned to live on charity; and this is acceptable to their governments, but their people continue to be poor. Those governments have learned not to make an effort to be independent. Living from charity is not so graceful for human dignity. Charity will never be enough for people to rise above poverty. Bare sustenance is damaging to evolution. The World Bank (in its report ‘Can Africa claim the 21st century?’) has stated that people in south-Saharan Africa live less well today than they did in the 1960’s and that large influxes of aid in recent decades have done little to improve conditions. All these honorable Heads of State are respectfully invited to join this programme and raise their population above the poverty level. Our programme to eliminate poverty will help governments rise above foreign dependence and gracefully stand on their own feet.

This programme should be taken by all such governments as another form of aid, one that puts their economy in a rising scale. It comes from a place of knowledge, from a university of management, raising and stabilizing their economy, while the country continues to accept the kind donations of the donor countries.

This is the time when the spirit of freedom is rising in the world, when every country wants to enjoy freedom from foreign dependence. Developing countries must now rise and change their economy so they maintain their sovereignty and freedom from encroachment of foreign influences. Receiving aid from wealthy countries contrasts with the rising spirit of freedom.

The receiver of aid must naturally feel obliged to the donor. In this natural obligation of the receiving country some advantage goes to the donor country, either in the political, religious or economic field. Receiving aid is no fault; only that it stifles the country’s initiative to work and renders its creativity lethargic. This is no fault on the part of donors, but the governments receiving the donations now have a chance to eliminate poverty and participate in the promotion of organic agriculture on their lands. We invite them to allocate the lands for organic agriculture and give them to us to manage. Within 2, 3, or 4 years they will find that they have risen above the poverty level.

Those giving aid will feel fulfilled that so many years of aid have brought self-sufficiency and self-reliance to the country through our programme to eliminate poverty.

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