of 100,000 Hectare

A program involving 100,000 hectare will require the construction of ten villages.

Each village will attend to 10,000 hectare of land. Each village will have 400 homes with four generations of the family comfortably living in each home. One member of each of the 400 families in the village will be involved in farming and in doing other work for the village.

The start-up cost for 100,000 hectare is US$ 400 million at the rate of US$ 4,000 per hectare. This includes all kinds of expenses for starting the project such as land preparation, irrigation, roads, new villages, and operating costs for about three years.

The yearly return will be US$ 6,000 per hectare; therefore, 100,000 hectare will generate US$ 600 million per year which will enable us to start repaying the initial start-up cost after about three years. This income will also keep pace with the increasing expenditure needed for the expansion of the project, and for the glorification of the country, year after year.

When we are emphasizing export, we are not ignoring the results of better health for the people in the country itself. Farmers will be the first beneficiaries of the healthy food they will grow without the use of chemicals.

Safety in Numbers
Risk Free Project

With the possibility of all the different kinds of guarantees described, there is no risk factor in this project, and this factor of 'no risk' is further strengthened by the fact that we are undertaking farming in different kinds of lands in forty countries. If some crop is less somewhere, it is inconceivable that all the crops everywhere could fail; and even if this could happen one year, it will never happen year after year in all forty countries.

The loss in any one country will always be offset by the profit in another country because management in all these forty countries will be coordinated by one organization--Maharishi University of Management--which will bring the support and success of each country to all countries and will not allow any project in any country to fail.

This unified management of forty countries will be a global safety factor for the project in each individual country. The Poverty Removal Programme will be a great success under this global protection policy of Maharishi University of Management.

The conclusion is that the project has been well conceived and with these points of safety we feel that we will enjoy unrestricted and risk-free fulfilment in grand success.

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