Our university is launching a Poverty Removal Programme in thirty-three countries of the world, which together have over one billion hectares of unutilized land with agricultural potential.

The growing demand for organic agriculture in America, Europe, Japan, and other places of Asia and the Pacific, together with vast unspoiled land in the developing countries, present an unique opportunity for large scale and permanent business. We would like to invite your company to be part of this global development.

We need to move fast and in a simultaneous way throughout the world to capture this opportunity of permanent, lucrative business; and to give it the breadth that it requires for assured profits.

The simultaneous cultivation of large tracts of land in thirty-three countries offsets the climatological risk and other risks that agriculture in single parts of the world may present as a business. If the yield is less somewhere, it is inconceivable that all crops everywhere could fail; and even if this could happen one year; it will never happen year after year in all thirty-three countries.

The poverty removal programme is so beautifully designed, with central management by our University, that everyone who participates will obtain increasing profit year after year. Only that, in the beginning, the project needs financial support to get started and impart the advantages of a large-scale, long-standing business opportunity to its participants.

New villages will be built for the farmers on the newly developed land, so that they experience the benefit of poverty elimination from the start of the project. New infrastructure is required. Fresh produce will be air-freighted daily to the markets of the developed countries from newly built airports in newly cultivated areas in these thirty-three countries. Machinery and equipment is required for clearing, irrigating and cultivating the land, etc.

Therefore, the procedure is being adopted to collect the start-up capital from all those who are going to participate and enjoy the financial benefit in this permanent project. The

start-up capital can be provided by participating companies in the form of machinery, equipment, services, cash, or all of these.

Those who are in a position to provide more of these elements at the start will naturally be favored for a permanent, large-scale profit from this Poverty Removal Programme.

The start-up capital will be recovered from the foreign exchange earned through the exports from the project within these two or three beginning years.

The words profit and permanent business opportunity are being repeated here because the profits of the project will be very real, given that the demand is growing exponentially for organic food. There is an awakening to the poisonous effects of non-organically grown food. For years in the past the soil has been polluted in the developed countries by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Our programme will make use of the remaining unspoiled lands, which are in these thirty countries. This grand and immediate business activity will always be expanding and will continue for all generations to come, because it will always continue to bring nourishment to life on Earth.

In every way the project is deeply satisfying, because every participating company will have the fulfillment of economic gain, while eliminating poverty and supplying the world with healthy food.

Communication is progressing with many countries and therefore it will facilitate the renewal of the world if all the companies who can provide their services to the project express their readiness to participate.

We look forward to your early reply by email, fax, or telephone:

Maharishi University of Management
Poverty Removal Program, Station 24, NP 6063 Vlodrop, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-475-53 0000
Fax: +31-475-53 5300

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