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    Table of Contents

    Maharishi's Message--to the Governments of Forty Countries Page 2
    Invitation for Action--to the Founders of a Poverty Free World Page 3
    Introduction--Global Vision; First Stage of the Poverty Removal Programme Page 5
    Financial Policy--Organizing Local Currency and Foreign Currency Page 6
    Financing by Companies--Who Participate in the Programme Page 7
    Glorifying the Nation--With the Profits from the Project Page 7
    Financial Feasibility--Two or Three Year Grace Period Page 8
    Programme of Guarantees--Many Options Page 9
    Example--of 100,000 Hectare Page 10
    Safety in Numbers--Risk Free Project Page 10
    The Coupon Principle--Today's Coupon is Tomorrow's Hard Currency Page 11
    Organic Agriculture--Healthy Food; Healthy Nation; Freedom; Independence Page 12
    Fulfilling the Need of the Wealthy--through the Poverty Removal Programme Page 13
    A Unique Bond--to Double the Investment Every Four Years Page 13
    Faith-Based World Order--Rising in World Economy Page 14
    Organizational Policy--Fulfilling to Every Country Page 14
    Administrative Council--with the Participation of All Countries Page 15
    One Administrative Center--with Forty Branches Page 15
    Time Value--Whatever can be Done Tomorrow Should be Done Today Page 15
    United We Stand--Divided We Fall Page 16
    Second Stage--of Poverty Removal Programme Page 17
    Support of Natural Law--for Fulfilling Success to All Page 17
    Organic Agriculture University--for Healthy Food and Enlightenment Page 18
    Knowledge of Electronics and Computers--in Organic Agriculture University Page 19
    Fulfilment--of the Poverty Removal Programme Page 19
    List of Appendices Part 1, 2 and 3 Page 20, 21,, 22
    Executive Council of the Poverty Removal Programme Page 23
    Invitation for Companies to Participate in the Poverty Removal Programme Page 25

    Invitation for Companies to Participate in the Poverty Removal Programme Suppliers of tractors and other machinery and equipment for agriculture and irrigation, as well as companies in the field of infrastructure, construction, road-making, etc., are invited to participate in Maharishi's Programme to Eliminate Poverty.

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